Create, Build and Launch Your Own Business In 2023


Want To Become Your Own Boss? Learn how in Just 8 steps!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could transform your life? Dive right in and watch our introductory video for the Start-Up Challenge.

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Resist the temptation of get-rich-quick schemes. Take charge and learn how to start your own business!

Escape the uncertainty of relying on others for income. Embrace the freedom of running your own business and enjoy a constant, guaranteed income stream that you control. Take the leap and discover the possibilities of financial stability through entrepreneurship.

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What Does This Challenge Cover?

The Start-Up Challenge is a programme that helps you become an entrepreneur and supports you in creating a thriving business. It offers various activities and tasks that are specifically designed to unleash your potential, provide you with essential skills, and drive you towards achieving your goals.

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What Does This Challenge Cover?


Challenge 1:What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

✅ Discover The Skills You Need To Be Enterprising
✅ Identify Your Entrepreneur Profile


Challenge 2: Research and Choose Your Start-Up Idea

✅ Learn How To Generate Business Ideas
✅ Discover How To Generate, Shortlist and Interrogate 
✅ Access The Back Of A Bus Ticket Business Plan


Challenge 3: Creating Your Vision and Mission

✅ Unearth Your Aspects Of Life
✅ Uncover Your Vision and Mission


Challenge 4: Choosing Your Business Model To Build Your MVP

✅ Create Your Minimum Viable Product


Challenge 5: How The Money Works 

✅ Learn How To Create A Business With Little or No Money
✅ How To Generate Your Business Plan
✅ Discover How To Forecast Your Cash Flow


Challenge 6: Choosing Your Name and Building Your Brand 

✅ How To Create Your Brand
✅ Access Our Brand ID Creator 


Challenge 7: Marketing and Selling To Your Target Audience 

✅ Create Your Own Consumer Profile
✅ Design Your Website Structure
✅ Generate Your Digital Marketing Plan


Challenge 8: Final Steps To Launch 

✅ Track Your KPI's 
✅ Plan Your Regular Tasks 



Susanne A

"The Start-Up Challenge propelled my business growth. Expert guidance, networking, and resources accelerated my start-up journey. Highly recommend for ambitious entrepreneurs."

Deklan B

"The Start-Up Challenge was an incredible, fun, and educational experience! The mentorship and resources were invaluable, helping me refine my ideas for a successful business. Highly recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs!"

Abbie S

"The Start-Up Challenge transformed my entrepreneurial path. Structured framework, industry experts, and valuable mentorship empowered me to navigate and succeed in the competitive start-up world."

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