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The Skills You Need To Be Enterprising

Enterprise and being enterprising are phrases that you’ll often hear in the business world, but what do they mean? Throughout this learning, we’ll explore these concepts in more detail and discover what they actually entail. For now, though, all you need to be concerned with is that for those of you who want to become your own boss or be a successful entrepreneur, building an enterprise and being enterprising are skills that can be learned by everyone.

In, 'The Skills You Need To Be Enterprising', we’ll take you through what is meant by the term enterprise, where you might encounter it and what an enterprise looks like. We’ll highlight the key skills, attributes and behaviours that are shown by someone who is being enterprising, and we’ll also help you identify areas where your enterprising skills can be improved upon and why being enterprising is important regardless of what role or job you do.

What you will learn...

  • What is an enterprise?
  • What does being enterprising actually mean?
  • The skills and attributes associated with being enterprising.
  • The behaviours exhibited by someone being enterprising.
  • Identifying enterprising skills, attributes and behaviours in yourself.
  • The advantages of being enterprising.

Understanding what an enterprise looks like and how you can teach yourself to become more enterprising are two key tasks that all digital entrepreneurs should undertake. They’ll help set the foundations for a successful business and allow it to reach its potential in the most efficient manner possible. Given the way our world is going and the increased focus on digital innovations, being enterprising will help you stand out from the crowd and develop a business that allows you to reach your dreams.

Remember throughout the module to make your own notes on how you think you could develop your enterprising skills and how they will influence the success of your business.